Tours postponed due to delays in overhaul of steam locomotive 60163 Tornado

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has announced that the A1 #60163 Tornado overhaul is overdue and has canceled tours because of it.

The delays are concentrated in three areas. First, the boiler should now be back at the end of May, rather than at the start as originally planned.

Tornado’s boiler needs further work on the combustor tube sheet and the plates near the foundation ring – however the Trust says this is not unexpected given Tornado’s activity at the over the past 14 years.

It has also been found by the Trust that further work is required on the locomotive frames. This is now complete, but with the final bolts, painting and re-assembly underway, the Trust is awaiting confirmation that full-wheel drive is back.

All other axles returned to Loughborough.

The final challenge was to have ETCS signaling fitted to the locomotive, which will be essential for routes to and from London Kings Cross. Design work has been delayed, but is now nearly complete and physical work is now underway.

Unfortunately, these delays impacted the tour log and The Fen and Fells Flyer was cancelled, with the Trust wanting to run the train in 2023.

The Yorkshire Pullman, which was due to race on July 9, 2022 between London Kings Cross and Harrogate, has also been postponed to April 2023 – more information on the new date here.

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Jose P. Rogers