Upcoming Safety Changes for Light Rail in the Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS – Light rail safety issues prompted Metro Transit to make changes.

On game days, light rail trains fill with Minnesota Twins fans from Fort Snelling Station.

“Figure get to the tram early, you know, to avoid the rush,” said a runner named Russ.

Many riders like Russ feel perfectly safe on board.

“I’ve never had any issues before,” Russ said.

Others, like Plymouth’s Leah Toillion, are more uncomfortable.

“If it’s like going to the Twins or Vikings game, I’ll take [my son]. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t,” Toillion said. “Downtown [Minneapolis] is a bit sketchier.”

Metro Transit has just completed a six-week experiment to improve safety, using two-car trains instead of the usual three.

“See if we could improve security by having more officers present, fewer cars to patrol,” said Laura Baenen of Metro Transit.

They are now evaluating the results. Going forward, Metro Transit says it will determine whether to use two or three cars based on demand. Both Vikings and Twins play? They’re going to need all three cars.



MSP airport workers have spoken publicly about their experience on the train between terminals.

“I was offered to smoke crack on the tram. There is open prostitution, there are pimps,” said an airport employee.

“We all have horror stories on this train, day and night,” said another airport worker.

Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Jeff Lea said in a statement, “We continue to share employee concerns about light rail transit safety with Metro Police and maintain an increased Metro Police presence. the airport on the LRT platforms in the late morning and early morning”.

Light rail service is currently closed for repairs from the Mall of America to MSP Terminal 2. Replacement buses run instead.

Jose P. Rogers