Update on overhaul of steam locomotive 16440 at Midland Railway – Butterley

The Midland Railway – Butterley has provided the latest update on the progress of the LMS Fowler 3F 0-6-0T tank engine overhaul #16440.

Popularly known as ‘Jinty’, the North British Locomotive Company built the locomotive in 1926, it was withdrawn from BR service in 1966 as No 47357.

Progress on 16440 // Credit: Midland Railway – Butterley.

After test assembly of the tanks, they were dismantled again to allow access to the fitting of the sliding wedges of the boiler. These have now been installed and the tanks refitted. New bolts have been delivered, but the completion of the mounting of the tanks is dependent on the availability of a suitably sized volunteer to venture inside the tanks.

A new bottom for the coal bunker was fully welded in place, and the bunker was raised onto the frames and bolted down.

The cab was installed, along with the bunker greedy rails and handbrake linkage, and the main steam pipe and elbow were routed up and new joints fabricated. The mating faces have been cleaned and are ready to be installed in the smoke box.

The original chimney on 16440 has had repair work done to extend its life and has been put back in place pending final alignment with the blower nozzle.

16440 6
Progress on 16440 // Credit: Midland Railway – Butterley.

All of the boiler cladding has been fitted and the majority has been tightened up, with only a few finishing touches to be done.

The boiler bottom fittings have all been put in place. With the tanks now back in place and the cab in place, the next work to be done is to install the driver’s brake valves and hydrostatic lubricator, as well as attach and secure the relevant piping.

The project is awaiting the return of the vacuum ejector from a contractor to allow for its final alignment before drilling through the new smoke box plate.

Then comes the assembly of the pots and lubrication pipes.

In addition to 16440, Midland Railway – Butterley has three other Jinties: No. 16410 (ex-BR 47217) is awaiting overhaul, 16528 (ex-BR 47445) is being restored, and 16647 (ex- BR 47564) although only its frames remain.

Jose P. Rogers