Updated Spa Valley Railway version on the ‘Sutton’ steam locomotive

Spa Valley Railway’s Foundry 75F Loco department has reported that recent work has taken place away from the locomotive which has seen the acquisition of a complete fire grate, alongside this work on the casting of new brake valves drivers have now started.

‘Sutton’ had a number of expired fire bars in the grid, however, due to great relationships with other Terrier owners, the team was able to borrow patterns from the path of Isle of Wight steam iron which allowed for a complete cast of the grill including the bar side and some spares.

New model for Terriers fire bars // Credit: Spa Valley Railway

A new design was created to cast a number of single fire bars in batches of three, which made casting future batches more cost effective. Meanwhile, the Bluebell Railway and the Kent & East Sussex Railway asked for help with the molding of the sidebars and ‘Sutton’s’ order also included them. Bluebell Railway has received the ‘Suttons’ set to help ‘Fenchurch’ get back up and running in the near future, with another set for ‘Sutton’ now ready to be cast again.

Models have also been created for the new driver’s air brake valve as part of a joint effort with the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, which will allow the E1 to recover its air brake air in order to resume work with the stock on the island.

Over the long life of ‘Suttons’ she lost her brake valve and has a modern replacement fitted, the department is looking for something to replace it which is more prototypical and likely to be found on some number of other class members.

Model for the driver's brake valve
Model for driver’s brake valve // ​​Credit: D. Peters – Mistral Models

Anyone wishing to donate to ‘Suttons’ repairs can do so by visiting:


The Spa Valley Railway will celebrate its 25th anniversary of running trains from Tunbridge Wells West from 26th to Sunday 29th August 2022 at its anniversary gala. The event will see a special guest as 75069 returns alongside many other heritage steam and diesel locomotives.

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