When will the RTD R Line light rail service return?

A four-mile stretch of the light rail line between the Aurora Metro Center station and the 13th Avenue station has been suspended since a train derailed Sept. 21.

AURORA, Colo. — The Regional Transportation District hopes to restore service on the R line by the end of December after a train derailment earlier this year.

A four-mile stretch of the light rail line, between the Aurora Metro Center station and the 13th Avenue station, has been suspended since Sept. 21, when a train derailed at the intersection of Exposition Avenue and Boulevard Sand. Three people on the train were taken to hospital and 21 others were examined by paramedics.

After the derailment, RTD initially operated shuttle buses to replace canceled trains. RTD ceased operating these shuttles on October 30, citing a lack of staff.

RTD announced on Monday its intention to restore full service on the R line in December.

“I appreciate the continued patience of our clients as the agency aims to return to full service in December, although restoration of full service may possibly occur sooner if certain procedural steps are followed,” said Debra. Johnson, Managing Director and CEO, in a statement.

RTD submitted on Friday offered corrective action plans to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. On the same day, following an overhaul of the systems at the Sable and Exposition intersection, crews removed a support pole damaged in the derailment and adjusted the overhead cable system that supplies light rail on rail.

RTD said it is also working with the City of Aurora regarding the interaction between trains and traffic at the intersection.

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Jose P. Rogers