Which first-class high-speed train service between Milan and Paris is the best?

If you look our YouTube channel, you’re probably used to seeing us jumping on planes and taking the occasional ride on rails. However, we have never pitted two train services against each other – and the most luxurious ones at that.

This week at TPG, however, we dove into the unforgettable experiences that luxury trains provide around the world.

On the trade route between the two financial capitals Milan and Paris, for example, there is now healthy competition. From France, the TGV inOui service operated by SNCF runs three times a day between these two cities. Italian operator Trenitalia, the newest train on the block, offers two of its Frecciarossa services each day.

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Advance tickets on both services start at a very reasonable 29 euros (about $28) one way. First class (which is branded “1ère”) on French service and business class on Italian service start at 46 euros and 36 euros ($45 and $35), respectively. If you want the fanciest seat on this route, opt for Frecciarossa Executive class, which will set you back at least 165 euros (about $162).

We wanted to compare the best class available on both trains, so I took the Executive car on the Italian train, while Liam tested first class on the French train. We took the first trains from Milan on the same day, reaching Gare de Lyon in Paris about seven hours later. Watch the video to see how Italian and French operators compare.

Watch the full video below:

Nicky Kelvin — Frecciarossa (Italian)

  • Class of travel: Executive.
  • We payed: £146 (about 165 euros or $162).

Liam Spencer — TGV inOui (French)

  • Class of travel: 1st.
  • We payed: £94 (about 106 euros or $104).

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Jose P. Rogers