Woman unleashes racist rant on Sydney tram

A woman has been filmed unleashing a racist rant on an unsuspecting passenger on a Sydney tram.

The two-minute clip, shared online, shows the woman targeting two Chinese passengers.

The incident appears to have happened on the Dulwich Hill line between Pyrmont Bay and the Convention stop near the International Convention Centre.

The woman first accuses a passenger of “harassing and threatening” her before telling them to get out of the car. She then points to the man who appears to be filming the video and says, “You too, Mr Chinese. Come down.

“Do you want to follow me? You want to talk to James Packer about it?

She then accuses people of “following her” before shouting further threats at the man filming her.

“Do you want me to talk to you about taxes and real estate and what you’re not paying and what you’re doing here?” she says.

“Do you want me to tell everyone?

Near the end of the video, the woman says, “You idiots. Do you trust this man and his company?

She then signals to another passenger and says to him: “Go back to the North Shore by the way. Because I contacted you.

The video ends as she gets out of the car.

According to the user who posted the video, he says the woman had also yelled at two other Asian passengers before targeting the man.

In the comments, users sympathized with the video’s poster, but others noted that the woman appeared to be suffering from a mental health issue or was intoxicated.

“I deal with these kind of idiots on the train and the light rail every night, man. Sorry you had to experience the OP (Original Poster) this is just a racist rat,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Wtf even started to start? Or was she just looking for an excuse to start a fight and be a complete racist? shared another.

Offering a different take, another commenter wrote: ‘I don’t think we should make fun of sanity by shaming people like this and the guy filming definitely shouldn’t be interacting with her and making fun of her. ‘she. She doesn’t know better, he certainly should.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet the NSW Mental Health System!” another comment read.

“Mental illness is so incredibly confronting,” read a similar comment.

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Jose P. Rogers